Overview / Aperçu

Albert et Sixten vont se marier. Aujourd’hui. Mais s’ils avaient la franchise de se l’avouer, ils ne devraient plus être ensemble.

Albert and Sixten are getting married. Today. The only problem is that if they were completely honest with each other, they shouldn’t even be a couple anymore. Frictions arise on the morning of the wedding, and suddenly, it’s obvious that something is utterly wrong. Through a series of brutal and absurd situations, Albert and Sixten unravel all the problems they have been hiding in their relationship. But is it enough to save them and their relationship? Heartbreak is an intense and poetic tale of break-up, love, hate and everything in between.


Script : August Aabo & Andrea Winding
Production : Tall and Small
Pays de production / Production country : Danemark / Denmark
Langue / Production language : Danois / Danish

Sous-genre / Sub-genre : Drame / Drama
Themes : LGBTQIA+, Mariage, Violence / LGBTQIA+, Marriage, Violence

Festivals & Awards / Festivals & Prix